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We At CoolHax Labs Enjoy Innovating

We are a bunch of Dreamers and self proclaimed Visionaries.

Web & Internet

Now when we talk about people or a brand we directly or indirectly talk about the web. The only thing that is taken seriously is web.

Mobile Technologies

In your pocket or on your palm, always hungry for your attention. Mobility is the first priority in this digital era.


Life is always better if things operate by themselves and understand a bit more of us. IoT is what enables them to do so.

Creative Contents

Targeting audience is never easy, we should speak there language to be consumed so lets talk creative and viral.


The only thing that kept us going from the day when living organisms came into existence is Innovation. So we never stop doing it.

Industrial Training

You should be trained and experienced before you put your steps into Industry. We know because we are from the industry.

About us

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We are a bunch of Dreamers and self proclaimed Visionaries. Let it be a Mystery till we do Something big.
By the way We love to stay in the Back.

We are disrupting the tech industry and educational industry by finding and joining the missing dots. We are doing a hefty lot of Job, We Swear.


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